Authortube Starter Kit | Vlogging for Authors by Lisa London

Authortube Starter Kit | Vlogging for Authors

What's included?

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Module 0 | Welcome + Orientation
Vlogging Welcome.mp4
10 mins
Module 1a | Buying Guides
Welcome to Module 1 - Extra Information
Intro to Buying Guides
01 Vlogging Buying Guide for Creating Videos with Just Your Phone
02 Vlogging Webinar Buying Guide
03 DSLR Buying Guide
Module 1b | How to film
Filming Tutorial Android
Filming Tutorial iPad
Filming Tutorial Mac
Filming Tutorial Logitech
Fliming Tutorial DSLR
Module 2a | How to customize your YouTube Channel.
Welcome to Module 2 - Extra Information
00 Welcome to Week 2 Vlogging for Authors
01 How to create Channel Art - Photoshop Tutorial
02 How to upload channel art
03 How to add Social Media Icons on YouTube
04 How to upload Your Headshot to YouTube
05 How to create YouTube Playlists
06 How to Customize Your YouTube Channel Landing Page
Module 2b | How to brand your channel
01 Welcome
02 Assumptions
03 Types of Author Channels
04 Booktubers
05 Book Publishers
Module 3 | Anatomy of the Perfect YouTube Video
Welcome to Module 3
Webinar Replay | Intros, Outros, Watermarks, Thumbnails, End Cards, Channel Trailers + Questions
Best Mic for Recording Videos
EXAMPLES | Channel Trailers
EXAMPLES | End Cards
EXAMPLE | Intro with B-Roll: the 1st 10 seconds
Module 4 | How To Edit & Add Text To Videos
01 Complete Tutorial on how to create and upload using PhotoBooth
02 Four Different Options for Video Editing
Overview of Adobe Premiere Pro
EXTRAS | Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials
00 Where to purchase Adobe Premiere
01 How to take screenshots inside Premiere
02 How to create static Text
03 How to add animated text
04 ow to export files out of Premiere
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