Blogging Starter Kit by Lisa London

Blogging Starter Kit

What's included?

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Module 1 | Blogging Foundations
01 Blogging Foundations
02 Researching Competitors
03 Researching Competitors: LIVE Walk-Through Example
04 Your Ideal Reader
04 Your Ideal Reader Questionnaire
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Module 2 | Wordpress Tutorials + Templates
00 Welcome to Wordpress Tutorials + Templates
01 How To Sign Up for Hosting
02 How To Buy A Domain
03 Should You Purchase Domain Privacy Protection
04 How To Sign Into Your BlueHost cPanel
05 Tour of the BlueHost cPanel Tour
06 How To Contact BlueHost Support
06 How To Contact BlueHost Support
07 How To Install Wordpress
08 What Plugins to Install For Your Blog
09 Installing Divi
10 Setting Up Your Blog Page
11 How To Customize Your Sidebar
Divi Resources
TEMPLATES | Download Links
Module 3 | What To Blog About
What To Blog About
50 Blog Post Ideas for Authors
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Using the Wordpress Built-In Scheduling Tool
Module 4 | Creating Your Content Calendar
Creating Your Content Calendar